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ManTech Universal has deep experience growing established product lines in defined markets, plus a track record of profitably helping partners introduce new products and technologies. Employing a thoughtful and wise approach to sales, many of our partners have realized their revenue goals and developed substantial market share.  We specialize in materials and equipment for the medical, electronics, automotive, semiconductor, and aerospace industries, with both lab and production scale solutions. Whether you're a startup or an established global operation, ManTech Universal can help you achieve your goals. The real reason "why us" is that behind the excellent technology are representatives who truly care. 


High Reliability Materials


No matter what your application, ManTech will help you evaluate and qualify the right material, and remain ready to help you scale locally or globally.   

Mission Critical Equipment


Be it a start-up or a tech giant, we provide equipment for both lab and manufacturing environments that effect meaningful improvements in product quality, production cost, and process efficiency.

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